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I really love Kristine. I would call her a best friend.
But I don't understand her. She is a bit of a hyprocrite, and she doesn't make sense.
She is unhealthly a hermit.
We get in such stupid fights, but she doesn't say what she thinks or feels.
then it comes out in such ODD ways, that just makes things worse.
So I'll just wait till she needs a ride somewhere or wants something, then she amazing forgets she mad at me.
But to be honest, I wish she would keep her word. She has vistied the cats maybe three times?

But on a positive note, my birthday is like in two weeks. I dunno if I am doing anything for it.
I'd like to, but I still don't have like super close friend here.  It kinda sucks. Its lonely a lot of times. But I got things I gotta do....

I should have that loan paid off by Febuary, and likely the one credit card by end of March. Two less bills to pay. Beyond happy about that.
Now I can get things I need, like a huge scratching post for the cats, that damn book shelf and an entertainment stand. I am picky though on what I want. I'll eventually want that Mele Vaccum and I'll need a new dresser. But in time. I also need to start saving for DISNEYWORLD!!!!!!!!!

And as for working out, hasn't happened yet. It will. I had to catch up on bills after Xmas. But I am eating better. Did I ever menction I love my magic bullet??? LOOOOVE.

I miss my brothers. I wish they would visit.


Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

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January 2009

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