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I <3 Life

 I must say, this has been one of the best weeks since i have moved to Regina. Work and Life in general is going absolutely swell!
At work, we have this thing were we nominate peers for just excellence, I suppose. I don't know how to explain. But I was one of 4 winners, and had some really amazing things said about me. I didn't realized I was so liked. I greatly appricated it. I also got a customer comment, which is a big deal. My first one. And top sales?! The girl who hates those damn leaps. It likely will never happen again, but I was eager to go to work. I love that damn call center.

And FINALLY, I HAVE (hopefully) GOT A PLACE JUNE 1st!
One bedroom, in an alright hood, close to work.  I am taking over someone's lease. I go and apply for it next weekend. (May 2nd)
I just need to get approved and nothing is stopping me. I am just excited to have my place. I'll be so poor, the place is going to be so empty, but its going to be MINE!  Its a cute little place, great first place.
Here is a link to the place:

I hope everyone and anyone comes and visits me once I'm settled. BYOB. hahaha

But in disappointing news, and Alex, I know u complete disagree, but the last eposide of the Hills, LC was a ungreatful, whiney little bitch. I am sorry, the feud with Heidi is old. And if you can be friends with Stephanie Pratt, (who I DO NOT TRUST and think she needs a make over..) The Audrina being friends with Heidi shouldn't be a big deal. Who is LC to say who Audrina can be friends with or DATE?
Granted, I judge, I am nosey, I never deny this. But I give my opinion and let others do as they like. LC needs to grow up and I hope she is better to Audrina in upcoming eposides. LC, I love you girl, but really... GROW UP. And Spencer is the biggest LOSER/DOUCHE/WASTE of space I've ever seen. Heidi is such an idiot for being with him. An airhead. Alex, I judge you a little for ever LIKING THE LOSER. For real? Please.

And Kristine was here, pulled what she did in Lethbridge, didn't find a place. She put no effort. In the week and half she was here, she put maybe 2 days of looking and either my grandparents did all the work, or she gave up. I honestly believe she doesn't want to work, or go to school or leave McMurray. She puts NO EFFORT into it. I think she enjoys mooching off dad, not working and being a bum. Its disappointing cause Kristine has much potentical. She lets her nerves and shyness stop her from... well life in general. She hasn't worked in like 8 months, not really leaving the house. She has nothing in Fort McMurray. She also is one who needs to get her act togeher. I found MY PLACE in 2 hours. She had over a week. I love her, I do, but  she puts on the water works and has everyone around her fighting and she doesn't seem to even care. One of these days my dad will have a enough. She is almost 23. She needs to atleast get a damn job.
She is going to come back apparently and try again next month, but is 3rd time the charm? I honestly don't have the faith.

I guess thats it thats in my life. Looks like I won't be up to McMurray now till June, but thats how things roll.


January 2009

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