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Dear Mayor of Regina: DOUCHEBAG...FIX YOUR MOFO ROADS!!!!!!


Ahh, so little to say, yet so much. Does it make sense? Well perhaps I don't live the most exciting nor glamous life, but it makes me happy.

Firstly, Imprint training. I hate it. But I love being around Melissa and Jade again. That is delightful. Jade and I are apparently gang leaders? I suppose you had to be there to understand, however it keeps me awake on these horrible mornings. I got one more week to go, then I'm back on the phones and back to giving Eric a rough time. I will miss Jade though.

Secondly, I'll be looking for places next weekend hopefully. I am going to move May 1st. Its actually going to happen. Miss-scared-of -change-and-being-alone-     is doing it. EXCELLENT.  Which also means I should be in the Fort... so get my shit, MAY LONG WEEKEND... soooooooo getting drunk? Becca? HEAR ME!? haha I've only got drunk once here, on my birthday. Its much needed,. I'm just overall excited.
I need a computer, Bed and Ipod speakers, maragrita machine and I'm set.

Thirdly... I am love with three songs. Don't judge. I'll fight.
The new Paula Abdul song,
Metro Station's "Shake It"
and John Mayer's "Say"
SOOOOOOOOOO good. I need a computer and go download crazy. Fab-u-lous. Music over all just makes me happy. I miss listening to it as I just do general things like cleaning. I cannot wait for my own place.

And its Easter tomorrow. Can I get a HOLLAR for easter diner? Mmmmmm.

And maybe one day Alex will pick up his care package. I'm beyond excited about that. Perhaps too much.

OOOOH and the HILL IS BACK ON MONDAY!!!!! I am pretty much in reality tv heaven. They are all on right now.

I'm sure, the most important thing however is I finally got those eyebrows waxed, they seriously were taking over my face. Now I just need to dye it. Maybe Tuesday.. I have too many shows on Monday.  I'm going blonde, despite what Becca wants me too do. Its just my nature. I don't see myself dark!? It scares me a little.

Dear lord I've missed rambling on here.
Not as much as I miss having a fag. Alex is great, I miss him a million and such, but he's in calgary, and cannot belittle me and judge the world here in little "no Club Monaco" Regina.

Sometimes, when I am listening to my Ipod before going to sleep, I miss Devon. Its kinda awkward.

I suppose I finished for the time being. I wish I had more money, to go out for once..


January 2009

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