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Jan. 18th, 2009


I really love Kristine. I would call her a best friend.
But I don't understand her. She is a bit of a hyprocrite, and she doesn't make sense.
She is unhealthly a hermit.
We get in such stupid fights, but she doesn't say what she thinks or feels.
then it comes out in such ODD ways, that just makes things worse.
So I'll just wait till she needs a ride somewhere or wants something, then she amazing forgets she mad at me.
But to be honest, I wish she would keep her word. She has vistied the cats maybe three times?

But on a positive note, my birthday is like in two weeks. I dunno if I am doing anything for it.
I'd like to, but I still don't have like super close friend here.  It kinda sucks. Its lonely a lot of times. But I got things I gotta do....

I should have that loan paid off by Febuary, and likely the one credit card by end of March. Two less bills to pay. Beyond happy about that.
Now I can get things I need, like a huge scratching post for the cats, that damn book shelf and an entertainment stand. I am picky though on what I want. I'll eventually want that Mele Vaccum and I'll need a new dresser. But in time. I also need to start saving for DISNEYWORLD!!!!!!!!!

And as for working out, hasn't happened yet. It will. I had to catch up on bills after Xmas. But I am eating better. Did I ever menction I love my magic bullet??? LOOOOVE.

I miss my brothers. I wish they would visit.

Jan. 4th, 2009

Can I be #1 on your Playlist?

HAPPY 2009!!!!!!

I really don't have anything to complain about.
Christmas was great. i didn't do anything for New Years.
I got work's Xmas party on Saturday. I gonna get my drink on!
And the mad countdown begins till Nov, when I'm going to Florida!
Lets also not forget groundhogs day. AKA, my birthday. Holla. I dunno i'm doing anything.
I hope Becca and Amy are alive and well, I rarely hear from ANYONE back in Alberta to be honest.

My goals for 2009, is just to work on my fitness and cut some of my debt. If I can do those, I'll be happy. I get a cheap membership to the gym through work. And when I get my $500 for perfect attendance, I'll put that towards my debt, which is a nice start.
I need to get Jon and Michelle something for their birthday!!!
Kristine needs to find a new place to live. I think we should rent a house. She doesn't like that idea. Oooh well.

I suppose thats it. I live a dull life. Lame.
I need some drama. :p

ps: I love my magic bullet. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Dec. 17th, 2008

8 Days till Christmas

Well things have improved since my last entry.
I called in sick from Winners today. i needed a break.
I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen and vaccumed.
It was great.

I like that i have to survive tomorrow and its shopping day for me all day Friday! I'm not going overboard this year,
except for the grandparents and perhaps Kristine. Ooooh and of coure the kitties!

Well its almost 2009, and I am going to be exercising and eating healthy. I need to lose weight, not only just for my overall health, but also, cause of my trip in Nov. Alex is suppose to come, but I haven't heard from him in like 2 month.

I guess I don't have much to say, I work so much, I don't have time to be lonely, which is good.
but I reduced my hours at Winners.  Sometime around my birthday I am looking for a new job. I am over Staples and their bullshit.

Nov. 18th, 2008

I'm over being an adult.

This might be a 'too much info' type entry, but since I got nobody to really vent to, Livejournal is all I got.

First and formost, I am overly emotional, and perhaps weaker then I normally am. I have been on a heavy period for over 3 weeks and I am seriously going crazy.
See a doc right? Well I don't have one.
Worse, I don't have time to see one.
I work two jobs. Do you think I am going too miss work, and not get $500? When I am like 2 months away. No fucking way. I'll die trying. I'm way to stubborn.

XM sent me to collections, and THEY are in the fault. So now I need to wait for them to give me my money back, and then I have to write a letter to the two companies that deal with your credit and get that off my credit rating. I fucking paid those fuckers. Makes me SOOO mad. I cancelled my subscription. FUCK THEM. I am so livid.

I got in a fight with my cousin Kim. I hate it! But sorry, she is being selfish, and she lies and I am not going to fall for her shit. I call you out. I don't care if your bitch, a diva.. whatever the fuck u wanna be. Just owe up to it. I cannot stand being fake and lying. And you I'm overly protective of my family, and if I think your doing them wrong, I will confront you. Sorry. I love the girl to pieces, but owe up to your actions and things you've done wrong. We're human and not perfect, but the first step is admitting it. And I've conforted Melissa and Kimmy, and I keep it real. And now we're good. I hope she get over it.

ANd I am tired. Two jobs is tiring. Retail is a bitch. It rapes you up the ass, with no damn lube. I am quitting Winners or only working once a week after X-mas. If Eric would ever give me my APA, i might know my damn raise at MAP. But those cheap asses, I'm not expecting much.

I feel bad for the cats, I'm never home. I never get to clean the homestead like i want to.
I feel very a lone.
ANd I greatly appricate how much Amy doesn't keep her word on calling me.
ANd I miss my dad and brothers like crazy. Its a little sick, but I do.

I thank gawd for my sister and my grandma, or I might of jumped off a bridge.
WHen I first moved, and up till about 2 months ago, I was soo happy.
So whats happened?
I feel alone, I don't have a real friend here, and some guy showed his penis at my window........ would of been more hilarious if my 12 year old cousin wasn't here and I was trying to hide the penis from her sight. (Which I did... THANK GOD!)

I'm done bitching. I hate being a downer. I needed to vent. I'll go to bed.
Tomorrow is a new day.

I want to run away to California, and have a Hills/Laguna Beach LIfe........................................

Aug. 23rd, 2008

(no subject)

Alright, so I know I am fat. And too fat.
but honesty, just day to day, sometime I forget. Like i don't really think i'm much bigger then everyone else.
But then I get tagged on facebook or see a picture of myself somewhere and I'm like
Holy shit, am I really that big!?
And i am, and its kinda sad, cause I cannot deny it to myself anymore.

One day, I'll finally get my act in gear, and work on my fitness.

On a side note, Dayton birthday was great. I love being with family. LOVE IT.  And I am ghetto, but thats okay, cause I am really happy. Like I don't have no REAL thing I can complain about, and whats wicked. :)

Jul. 2nd, 2008


This is going to be a simple, likely short entry, my back is killing me, for the 3rd day in a row, and I don't know why.

Anyhoos, i"m living ghetto-fab here in Regina. I very happy. I haven't been this happy in a long time.
I don't have a TV, but I got a computer. Its pretty sweet.
Got my cats, they are adjusting well.  They make living ghetto worth it.

Kristine is here, and we actually are getting along better then we have... I'm pretty sure ever. We've been here three weeks however, and she doesn't seem to be even looking for a job or place to live. Its kinda annoying me, and I know pretty soon I am going to blow up on her. I don't mind her here,, but she is not being a mooch forever like she did to dad. She is almost been unemployeed for a year and thats RIDICULOUS! No reason for it. She is 23, she should be working. If she was working, i wouldn't have a single thing to complain about with her. oooh, thats a lie, she cut her own hair again, and she always has it long in the back and short in the front, mullet style and that angers me. We can get it cut for $15 here. LIKE GAWD!!!!!

Anyhoo, I am gonna go, life is sweet. I got to mail Alex's Ipod and hopefully he'll send me MS Office, as I kinda need it. I think I might get a second job, just to meet people and have something to do.

Hope everyone is well and kicking. 


May. 4th, 2008

Good things never last...

Remember that last entry, when was so freakin' happy.
Its all gone.
I am so stressed, cause I think I'm going to be homeless by June.
Freakin' great.

Apr. 27th, 2008

I <3 Life

 I must say, this has been one of the best weeks since i have moved to Regina. Work and Life in general is going absolutely swell!
At work, we have this thing were we nominate peers for just excellence, I suppose. I don't know how to explain. But I was one of 4 winners, and had some really amazing things said about me. I didn't realized I was so liked. I greatly appricated it. I also got a customer comment, which is a big deal. My first one. And top sales?! The girl who hates those damn leaps. It likely will never happen again, but I was eager to go to work. I love that damn call center.

And FINALLY, I HAVE (hopefully) GOT A PLACE JUNE 1st!
One bedroom, in an alright hood, close to work.  I am taking over someone's lease. I go and apply for it next weekend. (May 2nd)
I just need to get approved and nothing is stopping me. I am just excited to have my place. I'll be so poor, the place is going to be so empty, but its going to be MINE!  Its a cute little place, great first place.
Here is a link to the place:

I hope everyone and anyone comes and visits me once I'm settled. BYOB. hahaha

But in disappointing news, and Alex, I know u complete disagree, but the last eposide of the Hills, LC was a ungreatful, whiney little bitch. I am sorry, the feud with Heidi is old. And if you can be friends with Stephanie Pratt, (who I DO NOT TRUST and think she needs a make over..) The Audrina being friends with Heidi shouldn't be a big deal. Who is LC to say who Audrina can be friends with or DATE?
Granted, I judge, I am nosey, I never deny this. But I give my opinion and let others do as they like. LC needs to grow up and I hope she is better to Audrina in upcoming eposides. LC, I love you girl, but really... GROW UP. And Spencer is the biggest LOSER/DOUCHE/WASTE of space I've ever seen. Heidi is such an idiot for being with him. An airhead. Alex, I judge you a little for ever LIKING THE LOSER. For real? Please.

And Kristine was here, pulled what she did in Lethbridge, didn't find a place. She put no effort. In the week and half she was here, she put maybe 2 days of looking and either my grandparents did all the work, or she gave up. I honestly believe she doesn't want to work, or go to school or leave McMurray. She puts NO EFFORT into it. I think she enjoys mooching off dad, not working and being a bum. Its disappointing cause Kristine has much potentical. She lets her nerves and shyness stop her from... well life in general. She hasn't worked in like 8 months, not really leaving the house. She has nothing in Fort McMurray. She also is one who needs to get her act togeher. I found MY PLACE in 2 hours. She had over a week. I love her, I do, but  she puts on the water works and has everyone around her fighting and she doesn't seem to even care. One of these days my dad will have a enough. She is almost 23. She needs to atleast get a damn job.
She is going to come back apparently and try again next month, but is 3rd time the charm? I honestly don't have the faith.

I guess thats it thats in my life. Looks like I won't be up to McMurray now till June, but thats how things roll.

Mar. 22nd, 2008

Dear Mayor of Regina: DOUCHEBAG...FIX YOUR MOFO ROADS!!!!!!


Ahh, so little to say, yet so much. Does it make sense? Well perhaps I don't live the most exciting nor glamous life, but it makes me happy.

Firstly, Imprint training. I hate it. But I love being around Melissa and Jade again. That is delightful. Jade and I are apparently gang leaders? I suppose you had to be there to understand, however it keeps me awake on these horrible mornings. I got one more week to go, then I'm back on the phones and back to giving Eric a rough time. I will miss Jade though.

Secondly, I'll be looking for places next weekend hopefully. I am going to move May 1st. Its actually going to happen. Miss-scared-of -change-and-being-alone-     is doing it. EXCELLENT.  Which also means I should be in the Fort... so get my shit, MAY LONG WEEKEND... soooooooo getting drunk? Becca? HEAR ME!? haha I've only got drunk once here, on my birthday. Its much needed,. I'm just overall excited.
I need a computer, Bed and Ipod speakers, maragrita machine and I'm set.

Thirdly... I am love with three songs. Don't judge. I'll fight.
The new Paula Abdul song,
Metro Station's "Shake It"
and John Mayer's "Say"
SOOOOOOOOOO good. I need a computer and go download crazy. Fab-u-lous. Music over all just makes me happy. I miss listening to it as I just do general things like cleaning. I cannot wait for my own place.

And its Easter tomorrow. Can I get a HOLLAR for easter diner? Mmmmmm.

And maybe one day Alex will pick up his care package. I'm beyond excited about that. Perhaps too much.

OOOOH and the HILL IS BACK ON MONDAY!!!!! I am pretty much in reality tv heaven. They are all on right now.

I'm sure, the most important thing however is I finally got those eyebrows waxed, they seriously were taking over my face. Now I just need to dye it. Maybe Tuesday.. I have too many shows on Monday.  I'm going blonde, despite what Becca wants me too do. Its just my nature. I don't see myself dark!? It scares me a little.

Dear lord I've missed rambling on here.
Not as much as I miss having a fag. Alex is great, I miss him a million and such, but he's in calgary, and cannot belittle me and judge the world here in little "no Club Monaco" Regina.

Sometimes, when I am listening to my Ipod before going to sleep, I miss Devon. Its kinda awkward.

I suppose I finished for the time being. I wish I had more money, to go out for once..

Feb. 8th, 2008

(no subject)

Dear Journal:

Well I have my SK plates and my SK health. I suppose the only thing left is an apartment. (well my drug card is in the mail)
And boy do I want my apartment.
I'm just saving for first month's rent, deposit and for a bed and then I'm moving.
I am just going to be poor. I've accepted that. Not inless I get a new job or Becca or Amy or Jon move down.
or a sugar daddy. That be pretty sweet.

And honestly, it might not take that long, b/c I am sick again.
After work yesterday, I CALLED ALEX (he did not answer), Amy and then Becca. Talked to her for a good hour and then tried to play a round of bookworm (my grandma got me hooked on that game)
and I started to get a pounding headache. and my nose is already stuffed up. So I went an lied down. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep right away. By 11ish my time, I was gone. Hence why I'm up at 8am today. I am sorry I missed your call Amy.

I put up pictures of my family and my kitties in my cubical at work, and I extremely miss them. A LOT.

Kristine, get your ass down here. Your not doing anything in McMurray. Jonathan you too. Red Deer is over-rated and housing is cheaper here.

I just want my apartment. I say roughly 1200 saved and I'm totally getting one. Close to work.
I am going to spend the weeekend sleeping off this headcold. Its Lame.

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