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Jan. 20th, 2008

Does Anyone Still Read These Things?

I am so bored.
I got nothing to do. Honestly.
With lack of funds
and even lack of people i know. It makes it interesting.
And its not like I have anyone but myself to blame.
But I am still bored.
Work hasn't been all that busy, Thurs and Friday were soooo dead.
And though I just got paid,
I can't spend it, cause I don't know how much my car inspection is going to cost me so I need to keep it untouched.

I just am really eager for my place.
Atleast I can do lame things like laundry (which currently gets done for me)
or cleaning or grocery shopping
or unpacking (when I get all my stuff. )
Or my own computer. That be nice too. I need new music sooo bad. (or a boom box for my XM)

I mean, its not bad, I love Regina, I am happy I am here.
I miss Cheque Mate. That was a good job.
I know I won't be at the call center this time next year. There are just way too better paying jobs to stay. I'm just kinda comfortable for now.

And I did a killer burn to Kristine today.
She texted me and said "Its been 91 days since you've seen the cats"
and I replied "and its been atleast doubled that if not more, since you've had a job"
I love that girl. I'm going to keep her around.
I miss Jon, David and Dad a lot too. WISH JON WOULD CALL ME OR TEXT!!!

Its my birthday on the 2nd. I'm going to mega old.
Someone better take me drinking,
or I'll slit my wrists. I need ONE day of fun.

My grandparents are amazing and I will never be able to thank and repay them enough.
I wish my mom's husband would get a job.
or atleast clean the house and cook meals since he's home all day.
He's one of the most useless people i know. Honestly.
Atleast Kristine cooks and cleans. (SOOO surprised dads let her NOT work so long.. but thats the joy of being his favorite)

I miss my cats. They are my comfort. They make me feel at home.
You know?

Oooh judge away...

And what the hell happened to Becca? Its like she forgot about me.
And Shantel and Amy... delights. Pure.
And at MAP, Janelle and Joanne and Aymie, Christa.. truly some of my faves.

I am rambling. I am bored. I cannot sleep.

and Devon is back. I don't know why. He plays games with my heads. He has his GF in San Fran, so why is he doing this? He makes me uneasy. Why can't we just be friends. UGH.

I wonder if the TV Bingo will ever let me freakin win. Like just once would be nice.

I think I am done.
Have a great night y'all.

And please.. someone save Miss Britney Spears.

Dec. 4th, 2007

Dear Readers:

I'm almost done training. On the 14th, I'm on my own. It saddens me a lil.
I think Jade is a wicked trainer. I'll have to let him know.
I have really awesome ppl in my training class and most of us are together... as in the same group when we go onto the floor. I'm happy about that.
Now my goals are as such:
Get a 2nd job. The extra money would be great, particularly, cause I'm just starting out, and need to buy EVERYTHING. Also, it will help me meet new people
Get my car plates switched over to Saskatchewan plates. I need to fix my leaking oil and likely replace 2 tires, and I should be okay with my inspection.
Get myself an apartment. A two bedroom. If Amy or Becca or whoever else comes down, I can always upgrade, but I cannot rely on them.. they could change their mind.  I'm going to start with an apartment, but I do want to buy a house. Real bad. Maybe I'll look if anyone comes down.
Then to get Kristine, David and Jon here. I miss all three sooo bad. And my cats. The minute I have a crib, I am getting my cats. They are my comfort, being away. Its hard to think to live in an apartment by myself. It be lonely. I have never been by myself. Ever. I don't like being alone.
Anyhoo.. I'm rambling.

And I see this keeping me busy. I hate that i don't have the money to spoil people with presents this year for Xmas. Hopefully next year. I need to get myself on my feet. I wish everyone has a great christmas and is doing well. I miss people, but am happy here.
I play tv bingo on Saturday, and one day, I will win.  And hopefully Kim comes back to work, or atleast want to hit up the bars. I am achin to see what the Regina bar scene is like!

I think I am going to go work on my christmas cards.

Nov. 1st, 2007

(no subject)

I am offically  hired at the Staples Call-Center.
I start on the 13th.
I am in the middle process with BMO.
and CIBC did call me.
Its hard to decide, but its such a LONG process to get hired.
I think I'm just going to stick with Staples and if BMO makes a good enough offer I'll go.
And I think I'll serve part-time/casual.
We'll see. I'm sooo broke. I hate it. I got to switch my insurance to Sask. I have to get another inspection. CURSES!

And I'm still waiting on Amy for some damn MAIL.
And Hagan too.
Aww, I just miss them.
I miss people but not McMurray.

Lotto is at 30 million. I want to win it so bad.
How grand would that be?
I shouldn't hold my breath.

I am so happy, but I hate being broke and waiting to start work.
I very much look forward to my independence, with a place and my kitties and people hopefully visiting me.
I'm working hard to get Jon and Kristine here. It be soo perfect. I miss them. (David is in Moose Jaw in the Summer)
I hope my dad and David had a good trip.

I really hope everyone is doing well.
I'm doing well and only slowly getting better.

Its raining here.. which means its going to be slippery tomorrow.........

Oct. 24th, 2007

(no subject)


I'm in Regina now.
I love it here, and I love my family. Beyond great to me, especially my grandparents.
But today I'm home sick.
I miss Kristine
My kitties... A LOT
and my dad and David.
I'm forever missing Jonathan!!!
I miss Becca and Tara and Hagan, Warren and Holly.
I miss having a job I truly did love.
I was good at it too.
I love having my own space and knowing my surroundings.

I'm think the main thing is being unemployed. Truly driving me nuts
Kristine, Becca and even a lil Amy, I HAVE NO IDEA how you can survive such long periods of no work.
I haven't worked in 2 weeks and I am seriously going crazy.
I have handed out resumes and faxed and emailed, but its slower then what McMurray is.
I did have the Call-Center call me back, but when done the typing test on Friday and interview, if I get hired, I don't start till NOV 13!!! Oooh that won't do.
I'm going to have to get a serving job or something ASAP.
I miss my drives with Amy or My coffee with Becca. Perhaps bingo with Holly. Gossip with Tara....
I suppose I need some friends here.
My cousins and family is great, but with my lack of funds and them all havin babies...
its freakin hard.
A job, a place and my cats. Then I will be a happy camper. It looks like I got furniture and everything, I just need MONEY... haha

Maybe its just a bad day.
Maybe my period coming soon. I've just been emotional.

Oct. 12th, 2007

So what do you say? Lets Give it up and walk away...

I am offically unemployed.
And today I started packing my room.
Yesterday, at my last day, I was completely fine,
till I locked the door, then it really hit me I was done.
I balled. I balled even more after I dropped Jol off.

And it looks like Kim is going to have her baby today. I'm so excited for her. I swear if Kristine has kids before me, I'll slit my wrists. (On a Side note)

I'm happy to be leaving, there are a handful of people I'll miss, but I'm only a flight away. I need this independance.
And Hagan, I just want you to know, I adore you.
Becca & Amy and hopefully Jesse, I cannot wait for our Journal. It will keep us close. :)

Thats all, I see it being a verklempt week. I'm scared and sad, and completely over-joyed. If that makes any sense.


Oct. 11th, 2007

We're Over-rated Anyways..

I'm beyond sad today is my last day.
I wish I could take my job and Tara with me to Regina.
I know I need to go,
but doesn't mean I'm not sad.
I adore Tara, despite it all.
8 days till i move.
Scary and exciting and sad all at once.

On a side note, Amy's care package is pretty neat. I'm proud of myself.
And I miss Jonathan, he better come see me on X-mas or my birthday! He has no minutes on his phone.......

Oct. 3rd, 2007

No internet in 2 days wasn't fun...

Is it wrong I'm nervous. 
I really don't doubt being able to find work or a place to live..
but to be somewhere that I don't know anyone but family.
Its semi- scary.
yet exciting.
Sooo much to do before i leave too.

I think I'm getting Kristine's cold.
I'm way too achy today and till the Buckley's, my throat was sore. 
I might have a nap before work.

6 shifts left at Cheque mate.
I'm still sad.

Haven't seen/heard from Becca in 4 days or so.. I must change that.  

I leave in 17 days.

Sep. 28th, 2007

My vent:

Its the morning after.
I quit my job.
I was there for almost 2 years.
I could of died there really, I do enjoy the job...
but the politics, the BS, I had enough.
I don't regret quitting. I know its for the best and it is my time.
But I regret that Tara fought then I quit and nothing is said about it. 
I adore her, she is a wonderful person.
But she cannot pick and choose what to follow in that policy manual.
She took advantage of me too much. I was ALWAYS there, she knew she could always depend on me.
and she completely abused it, and i gained nothing.
When Brenda should of been suspended, but said if she was, she'd quit... 
When Sandra went crazy,
When she was not happy with Baillie not coming to work,
When Megan is dating employees, or smoking,
Dear lord there are two years of examples..
Tara needs to stick with her word, she needs to either follow the manual completely or not at all.
All these employees WALK ALL OVER HER, and its like Nanny 911 where the children are in control and the parents don't understand how they lost that control.
Perhaps she needs another Holly... b/c she is wicked at the books, she is a wicked friend but when it comes to enforcing the rules, she is too worried to get people mad or whatever.. and a manager shouldn't think like that.
The becca BULLSHIT (cause thats what it is) was the last straw. I am pretty sure on the grand-scheme of things,
SMOKING is worse then getting a friend hired. But you know what, I knew Joleen before.. but that doesn't seem to matter.  I suppose i'm over the favourtism and her being a hyprocrite. I cannot work that way. I DID FOLLOW the rules and I NEVER LET HER DOWN. But she did to me and she doesn't even care.
It breaks my heart. Its so lame it sounds like a bad break up.
I hope before I leave Tara and I can talk I do honest respect her as a person and want her to know. I hope she learns from this and is much more stern with her new employees. She is the one who told us about Megan's smoking and then shows a new employee how nothing is done about it.  

In good news, I'm going to Regina in about three weeks, I am going to find a job, stay with my grandparents till I find a place of my own, and then I am going to come back and get my shit and my kitties and live happily ever after. Thats the theory anyways. So  this is completely good for me. Its getting me on my own and out of McMurray.
I truly thank EVERYONE for their support. This has been so stressful and I've gone through so much emotions b/c I LOVE THAT JOB. My 2nd fave job. (Serving was my first, sorry, I love dealing with ppl) and I didn't want to leave this soon. But things happen for a reason and I think this is how its got to be. Tara has only fucked herself over, there is NO WAY she will have two new ppl trained by the time I leave. I feel bad, but she did it. Becca was reliable and almost done training. If she honestly wanted her gone, she had almost 2 weeks since she found out Becca and I were friends. She should of done something sooner. That be more understandable. Becca would of been there a million times more then Baillie, Megan or even Tiffany. For only the simple reason she knew MY ASS would be on line. Sometimes, I think logic is lost on Ryan and Tara and even Wayne.

I proved myself as a good employee, I was on time, I never called in sick, I've work 13 and 15 hour shifts, i've came in when called in, I've trained, I've gone well and beyond what is in my job description. And I know Tara doesn't like it that I call ppl out, and I voice my opinion, I'm an aquarius, its in my blood. And that cancer needs to show her good employees how much they are appricated and be more stern, and stand up to the not-so good ones. I love her as a boss but it can truly be frustrating when you do follow the rules. There is truly NO BENEFIT at Cheque Mate for doing it.

I am going to finish my two weeks, and move on. I honestly, from the bottom of my heart wish Tara well and feel bad of the pickle I've put her in, but what she did to me, was much worse and she doesn't seem to think twice about it.

and Hagan, thanks for being one of the most excited ppl of my news. But its diappointing when you make Garden plans, is missing most of the night and then bails. It kinda sucked. Thats all.

I'm going to work, and coming home and heading to bed. I'm tired.

Sep. 27th, 2007

(no subject)

 I'm Beyond nervous...
but excited too.
I'll write more later..............
but wish me luck.

And thank you Amy for the vent. ;)

Sep. 12th, 2007

And gooood morning to you!

Yesterday something with my muffler was up... 
The loud noise was beyond embarassing.
So I called around, nobody answered their phone,
except Northstar.
So because I was so stressed I told them to fix it.
They called me said it was going to cost roughly $250-300.
I was like okay.
When they called to say it was done, it was only $200. Sweet I thought. Not my dad.
He said I should of gone to a minute muffler where it be like $100. But I couldn't get ahold of him cause he changed offices and numbers. Anyways..
Fine & Dandy.
I get a call this morning at 8:30am, waking me up...  Northstar calling saying they 'forgot to charge me for a $77 part."
Which is true, there is no part on my bill.
However, where do they justify it... the part is a freakin' hanger! Its $39.99 everywhere else in the world.
They want me to come in and pay it. FUCK.
I really hate them, thats all I gotta say. Take the simplist job and fucking making it beyond expensive.

Amy better get her learners or I see today being a bad day..... (No pressure at all Amy.... haha)

ps: and Kristine, you lazy cheap going straight to hell sister, You've been unemployeed for over a month. I don't care how much I nag, get a fucking job. Your always like this. You just don't like to work and think you should be supported your whole life. You didn't go to school, though you could of, and you could go to Regina buy a house and whatever.. but your not... b/c your getting ajob. But how long that going to take? Get off your ass. I'm beyond sick of having to nag you to do simple chores like dishes. Your on your ass ALL day. Gawd forbid you Help  out the rest of the ppl in the hosue WHO HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

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