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Dear Journal:

Well I have my SK plates and my SK health. I suppose the only thing left is an apartment. (well my drug card is in the mail)
And boy do I want my apartment.
I'm just saving for first month's rent, deposit and for a bed and then I'm moving.
I am just going to be poor. I've accepted that. Not inless I get a new job or Becca or Amy or Jon move down.
or a sugar daddy. That be pretty sweet.

And honestly, it might not take that long, b/c I am sick again.
After work yesterday, I CALLED ALEX (he did not answer), Amy and then Becca. Talked to her for a good hour and then tried to play a round of bookworm (my grandma got me hooked on that game)
and I started to get a pounding headache. and my nose is already stuffed up. So I went an lied down. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep right away. By 11ish my time, I was gone. Hence why I'm up at 8am today. I am sorry I missed your call Amy.

I put up pictures of my family and my kitties in my cubical at work, and I extremely miss them. A LOT.

Kristine, get your ass down here. Your not doing anything in McMurray. Jonathan you too. Red Deer is over-rated and housing is cheaper here.

I just want my apartment. I say roughly 1200 saved and I'm totally getting one. Close to work.
I am going to spend the weeekend sleeping off this headcold. Its Lame.


January 2009

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